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Repo and Securities lending

"A model of automated securities lending in stock exchange trades without assets pre-depositing (. Semin, NDC; Depositary 3, 2009) (.rar - 148Kb)
"Direct Repo operations against the Bank of Russia (S. Mayorov and G. Oksenoyte, MICEX; Stock exchange review, 3, 2009) (.rar - 105Kb)
"Repo transactions in the market of government bonds (S. Mayorov and G. Oksenoyte, MICEX; MICEX Stock exchange review, 3, 2009) (.rar - 310Kb)
Questionnaire of the Russian Repo Council about changes to MICEX Trading Rules (.doc - 50Kb)
"Repo at MICEX Stock Exchange real instrument of refinancing (G. Oksenoyte, Chief Council of MICEX Stock Exchange; MICEX Stock exchange review 10, 2007) (.rar - 94Kb)
Stock exchange Repo operations: modern state and innovations (A. Romashevsky, Head of Division of Documentary support of trades and development of Department of MICEX Stock exchange operations; MICEX Stock exchange review 10, 2007) (.rar - 127Kb)
"Inter-dealer Repo with government bonds: the growth is continuing (M. Sandukovsky, Leading economist of MICEX Department of Government Bonds and Instruments of the Money Market; MICEX Stock Exchange Review 10, 2007) (.rar - 83Kb)
"A standard of quality and reliability NSMA Repo Agreement (M. Kudryavceva, PhD, NSMA Risk expert; "Market and Title" 14, 2007) (.rar - 190Kb)
ICMA Form for participation on Repo market survey (.rar - 7Kb)
"Stock exchange Repo operations: current trends and new technologies (D. Gavrikov, Deputy Director of MICEX Stock Exchange Business Development Department; MICEX Stock Exchange Review 10, 2006) (.rar - 525Kb)
"Market of anonymous Repos with government bonds a new instrument of refinancing for banks (D. Soloviev, an economist of the Central bank of RF; Management in credit organization 5, October 2006) (.rar - 185Kb)
Questionnaire Conducting Repo operations by Russian participants at OTC market (.rar - 5Kb)
You can sent the completed questionnaire to NSMA e-mail:
Repo technology description (, 2006)

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