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Press releases

Repo prices will be unbiased ( 04.03.09.)

NSMA held an extensive meeting of the Settlement Committee of the Russian Repo Council, which discussed the NSMA draft project On settlement of mutual claims arisen from failure to fulfill obligations under Repo deals concluded in MICEX ZAO Stock Exchange ( 04.02.09.)

Crisis as a motive for development: Repo market to be established and securities lending to be developed IV International conference Repo and securities lending: strategies of effective business organized by NSMA took place ( 16.12.08.)

Russian Repo Council and NSMA are working on improvement of the situation on the Repo stock market ( 20.10.08.)

NSMA and Russian Repo Council initiate a negotiation process on settlement of Repo stock-exchange transactions ( 16.10.08.)

Russian Repo Council is elaborating measures to normalize Repo market situation ( 10.10.08.)

Russian Repo Council approved a working plan for market development for 2008-2009 ( 28.05.08.)

Banks implement a standard settlement policy for Repo operations ( 24.01.08.)

"Repo operations boom is continuing, market is waiting for securities lending: III International NSMA conference Repo and securities lending has been successfully held ( 20.12.07.)

III International NSMA conference Repo and securities lending will take place in Moscow ( 06.12.07.)

"European Repo market has grown 15% this year Russian Repo market continues to develop simultaneously with it ( 25.09.07.)

Repo market will become a kernel of the Russian financial market ( 11.09.07.)

Foreign banks support coming out to the market an NSMA standard Repo agreement ( 29.08.07.)

Repo operations legislative base: A roundtable discussion for lawyers on Repo operations has been held in NSMA ( 29.08.07.)

Repo market market prices ( 22.08.07.)

Income tax on operations with Eurobonds has got a reliable basis: the Ministry of Finance specified a procedure for calculation of settlement price, using NSMA Fixing data (Bloomberg NSMA) ( 06.08.07.)

Russian Repo agreement is coming out to the market: NSMA Repo agreement is signed between Gazprombank and Petrokommerts bank ( 03.08.07.)

Repo operations boom is increasingly nearer: the first International seminar on Repo operations was held in Moscow ( 25.05.07.)

Bankers specialization is enhancing: Risks and trading are discussed on the NSMA Repo seminar ( 24.04.07.)

Securities lending should become a daily practice in the Russian financial market it is a goal set by the NSMA Committee ( 05.04.07.)

Russian Repo Council determined an order to promote standard Repo agreement in the financial market ( 28.03.07.)

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