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About changing the parameters in direct Repo execution

Department of external and public relations of the Bank of Russia reports that in the frame of works on improvement of the mechanism enabling to regulate a banking liquidity the Bank of Russia implemented the following changes into the order of carrying out direct Repo operations.
Since June 15, 2009 the Bank of Russia establishes a limit for a volume of means to be provided at first and second auctions of one day direct Repos. Information about the established limit will be published on website of the Bank of Russia prior to acceptance of bids for participating in the auction.
In addition, from June 15, 2009 while taking a decision regarding cutting off the rate at direct Repo auction for the period of one week, bids submitted with the rate that is more or equal to a fixed Repo rate and assuming one week period will not be reviewed in terms of the limit on maximal volume of means for this option, nevertheless, the above bids will be satisfied in full scope.

Department of external and public relations of the Bank of Russia

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