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The NSMA General Agreement on General conditions of execution of Repo operations at the securities market (Version dt. 05.10.2007) (.rar - 425Kb)
Standard settlement policy of credit organization in Repo transactions with securities (Version №1, dt. 19.12.2007) (.rar - 322Kb)
TBMA/ICMA Global Master Repurchase Agreement (.rar - 1.4Mb)

Нормативные акты:

Letter of the Ministry of Finance of RF №03-03-05/272 dt. 18.12.2007, with explanations on income taxation in Repo transactions (.rar - 186Kb)
Letter of the Ministry of Finance of RF №03-03-02/84 "About Repo taxation" (.rar - 181Kb)
Letter of the Ministry of Finance of RF №03-03-02/17 dt. 06.07.2005 "About taxation regime in Repo operations with securities after introduction of the Federal Law

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