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About Securities Lending Committee

At the meeting of November 22, 2006, the NSMA Board made a decision to establish a National Securities Lending Committee. S.A. Shvetsov, Director of the Bank of Russia Department of Operations in the financial markets, was elected a Chairman of the Committee.
The goal of the National Securities Lending Committee is to determine a position of the professional community for promoting the securities lending, including development of legislative, regulatory, operational market structure, clearing and settlement systems and their approval with government and administrative bodies; elaboration of securities borrowing and lending standards for the Russian financial market to generalize main procedures and optimal practices for participants in the securities borrowing/lending field.
The objective of the National Securities Lending Committee is to provide transparent and economically effective securities lending principles within the nearest 1,5 – 2 years that would be turned into a normal practice of the Russian financial market.

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